Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ok, so I have been pretty lazy about taking any new pictures of myself but today I finally did! My friend Jerry called just as I was wrapping it up so I took a couple while talking to him- the email that I sent with the pic probably didn't work, so here it is!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I just re-inserted my link here into my Keen listings, so I hope my lookers are stopping in to see my latest pedicure and other news-worthy stuff. I am purposely avoiding heavy subjects as I'm not sure how to adequately express so much emotion and leave that to those that can. So, I'm going along, working out at the gym- I discovered that when using machines to weight train my legs a most of them can be modified and used with one leg at a time. What a huge difference that makes! It feels so good to really focus on each leg separately and not have to worry that I'm cheating and using them un-equally.
My friend who is recovering from neck surgery is going to be on her own this weekend so I am going to surprise her with a slumber party. So, going to come up with a funny dvd or two, maybe a face mask, I think both of us bleaching our teeth with those big wax strips like the oral-b ones will be funny and beautifying too. Any ideas? Shoot me a comment, I'd appreciate it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Strip-aerobics with Carmen Electra sounds titallating doesn't it? Well, the dvd I have isn't really as exciting as one would assume, in fact it is quite basic. She goes over the steps one by one, then there is a chance to do them in 'real time', but during the real time she says nothing, so if you are an impatient person like myself and want to skip the slow part, you are pretty much sol. However, just watching her is a good reminder to suck that gut in :) Also, I got a pedicure! How bout those red toes and matching lips- yikes, typos are challenging at 4am.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hi! I am back from a long weekend, feeling rested up and ready to start some trouble! I slept to late to go to my spinning class today, that means extra time on the rowing machine tonight, unless I decide to take one of the late classes. I'm afraid those people will be way to hard-core for me, yeah, it's go at your own pace but kind of hard to do when you get caught up in the noise and excitement of the teacher yelling and the high energy music. I think I just talked myself into it!

I made gravy for the first time! With flour and everything- was inspired by Rachel Ray and it turned out really good. Since I'm on the subject of food, I promised my friends that I would blog about the experience we had last Sunday at a mom and pop type diner while I was out of town. We were in Dunedin, Fl and went for breakfast at a place called the Covered Bridge. There were empty tables (dirty) and after standing around in the small entrance for 10 minutes we finally seated ourselves. A few more minutes passed before a waitress appeared, scowling, to take away the glasses from the previous guests and wipe off the table. Our drink orders were taken in the normal amount of time, as were our breakfast orders.
I wasn't in the mood for breakfast so I ordered chicken and dumplings instead. 45 minutes later my bowl of 'chicken and dumplings' was deposited on the table- it was bright yellow sludge without a single scrap of chicken in it to be found. After spooning through it searching for chicken in vain, I gave up. 20 minutes after that my companions breakfasts finally arrived on the table, by the frowning unapologetic waitress. My friend offered me some of his steak from the steak and eggs he ordered, which I, starving, gratefully accepted. The steak was cold. Never have I been more happy (albeit hungry) to leave a diner as I was to leave the Covered Bridge.

I can't leave you with negativity, so I will add that the Kozy Korner diner in Clearwater Fl was everything the C.B. was not. A friendly hostess greeted me and my guest as soon as we entered the foyer, she seated us and brought out drinks immediately. Our server was nice, kind of Flo-ish from the old TV show, I forget the name of it. The food came out in good time, was hot and yikes there was a lot of it, the restrooms were clean, and we got out of there in 35 minutes or so- with no rushing at all. So thumbs up to Kozy Korner, next time I'm down that way I'll stop in.