Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last weekend I flew down to Florida to visit friends and party at Gasparilla. We tivo'd the live coverage of the parade just in case we or someone we knew were on TV, had a great time at the party and basically collasped when we got back to her place. Sunday, while having a relaxing brunch and sitting in her living room we watched the coverage where to our surprise and delight one of the Tampa morning anchors, Gayle Guyardo who was doing the parade commentary, was completely wasted. Seriously, it was like watching Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) attempt to do it.

It isn't weird to get drunk at this particular festival, it is strange to do it while you are WORKING, and don't TV anchors make a lot of money? So she really could have waited until the parade was over (at 4:30 in the afternoon). Did she get fired, reprimanded, or apologize? Hell no. She says she had the flu.

Okay, the flu does not make me jump around wildly, tell co-workers how hot they are, repeat myself a dozen times and slur my words. I've had the flu and I've been drunk so, yeah, the difference is obvious. The station she works for is affiliated with the newspaper too and the story has been completely squashed.

Any other public figure that behaved this way on their own time , let alone while working, would have endured intense scrutiny by the news media but as she is part of the news media it is as covered up and ignored as possible.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Having been informed that I can't be a MILF without having any kids, and too young for true cougerhood, there is a bit of an identity crisis over here! Whew, glad that passed quickly ;) Excited about the yoga chair I ordered yesterday- hope there isn't too much assembly involved. Of course I won't be doing the assembly unless it's incredibly easy, I'm just thinking about my friend's stress level when he puts it together for me (always thinking about others...). If anyone has one of those kneeling yoga chairs it'd be great to here your thoughts, as a dedicated sloucher I need something to keep this back straight and already found out it is possible to slouch while sitting on a balance ball so that's out.