Thursday, March 29, 2007

Up all night! Hmmm, and I am doing absolutely nothing- posting in the hope that inspiration will strike at any moment. Well, I injured myself EXERCISING, am mostly better now. It was a weird twisted back thing that had me sleeping on the floor cuz the bed was too soft for a couple of days. I didn't realize how much relatively heavy lifting was involved in regular life until I couldn't do it. My rugs desperately need to be vacuumed that is for sure, don't even get me started on the looming mountain of laundry either. So, I went back to the gym today and worked out in spite of it- also I felt better by now, the incident was last Friday. Tomorrow looks like cleaning day. So, I am on the lookout for a man or strong woman with big warm hands to give me a massage- are you out there?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sex and women wanting it was the hot topic of a phone conversation I had last night. A friend of mine is on a couple of internet dating sites, and has contacted a woman in his area. She told him that she is looking for a 'knight in shining armor'. He said that his armor is tin and rusty, which is funny, but I think he should just 'be' that man she wants him to be. The reasoning behind my stance is, the woman who has such a romanticized view of the man she wants is bound to be disappointed anyway, so why not just go for the illusion and have some great sex while it lasts.

The fictions that surround our lives such as the romantic wedding Disney ideal of love are impossible to sustain for any lengthy amount of time, I contend that a woman who professes to want that is looking for something that is socially acceptable yet highly unlikely because she wants have have some hot sex and this is the way women are conditioned to get it. It's "OK" to have sex with someone as long as you are 'in love' with them, according to society. So, brainwash oneself into this romantic love affair, realize later that it isn't all that romantic because hey, we live on earth not in a fairy-tale, break up with the person and start over. It's the only way society allows women to have sex with more then one person without being labeled a slut.

Then, my friend says that I am putting down women. Obviously he missed my point. I am not putting down women, it is normal and natural to want to have sex with multiple partners in one's lifetime. I would strongly prefer that it not be necessary to engage in the silly drama of falling in love every time one wants to go for it with someone else, however it is easier to go along with societal expectations (no matter how stupid) then to just be honest and go against the grain. I can't blame him for what he said, he is following the party line that a woman who wants sex is bad.

Sigh. The bright side of this is that as long as wanting sex is bad, it will have an illicit thrill that might die if we all just accepted it as a natural desire, and illicit thrills are cool.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Juicy Jackie is looking good at the gym! Right behind you hon, cute stuff to work out in sounds like a good idea. Speaking of the gym, yesterday one of the personal trainers there asked me how often I was coming in, so I told the truth 5 or 6 times a week. This started a lecture about how I needed to reduce my frequency to 3 times a week or I would surely become burned out. Did I listen to him? Well, if your definition of listening includes hearing what a person says and nodding afterwards, then yes. So, today I go in a few hours earlier and there he is working out in the main room. OK, I decide to take a class. This is the story of what it took to get me into my first Spinning class. Yowza!

The instructor was great and told me to stay only for half an hour (so now I'm committed to 30 minutes of this!) I would have anyhow, as the bike next to me was claimed by the cutest little 80 year old lady you ever hope to see. The seats were just as uncomfortable as you can imagine- but, the class was fun. Beware of the flying pigs outside, I had fun on a bicycle and plan to go back next week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cat news first- the vet thinks it is her cat's liver, but is still unsure of the problem even after studying the test results. She wants to get a second opinion; I don't think that will help as her vet specializes in cats and has been at it a long time. That is not the kind of thing she will want to hear, and I don't know what to do or say. It's so hard to be supportive when one thinks their friend is bent on doing something that may be ultimately self-destructive, in this case spending a lot of (needed) money on a potentially lost cause.

On a lighter note, as they say on the Today show- the workouts are going well. It's only been a week and I can already see more definition in my leg muscles. That's most likely due to less fat collected there then other body parts, but hey it's awesome to see anything happening this quickly! My theory is that going to the gym has been preventing me from shopping as much as usual- when my clothes start loosening up that will change drastically I imagine. So, better legs and less debt- so far so good!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sad event today- I gave one of my friends a ride to the vet's office with her cat, and the kitty isn't doing well. The vet is an old-timer, and he has no idea what the problem is, so is treating the visible signs of infection and took blood to send out for a battery of tests. I'm no vet, but that cat is very sick- looking into her eyes is like looking at an expensive stuffed cat that is old and worse for he wear, no spark or focus. She was clearly the sickest cat there today.

To make things more difficult my friend has advanced anxiety disorder, and so cannot afford to continue paying for treatments that don't work, so she is freaking out with guilt over the cat and worry for her expenses. When I got home my cats seemed concerned, they have not been play-fighting but actually taking turns just hanging out close-by. I hope everyone that has pets who reads this gives them an extra little kiss today, and if you have a friend with anxiety disorder take a deep breath and give yourself some space to relax by yourself or with one of those perky people for some balance.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I adore chocolate, but am in the process of losing ten pounds forever, so yesterday at the grocery store I picked up a box of slim-fast shakes thinking to use one of them for my daily craving. Mixed feelings resulted. The chocolate-y taste is there but the ultra thick texture is hard to deal with. I'm going to save those for desperate times. Now, chocolate flavored Cool Whip is the bomb!

Hi Kevin/Bob/Ricardo or whatever name you are today! Hope you return from your out-of-body experience in time to chat with me later tonight. Also, Mr.AI fan, where have you been? On our last conversation you were having a hard time dealing with a jerky supervisor, we have all been there, so I'd love to know how work is going for you. How did you enjoy "Tears of the Black Tiger" indie guy? Not that it will be playing in my area anytime soon, while we have many many screens devoted to "Wild Hogs"- which I heard was good, still not planning to see that one though. Unless the person that recommended it gives me a call-back and fills out the review a bit more :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

There are special websites for men who like to wear corsets, just sayin'. Survived the bridal shower, barely avoided drowning in the sea of estrogen while playing 'fun' games. It wasn't that bad, and I will avoid them in the future. Jokes about whether or not to swallow are amusing for only so long- for me that is about 0.5 seconds.

Today I had a lunch date, we shared a dozen oysters- love freshly shucked oysters! My seared tuna wasn't as good, kind of tough in that may have been previously frozen way, so I didn't finish it and enjoyed a few of his buffalo shrimp which were perfect, lightly breaded and with real blue cheese dressing. My choice of coffee for a beverage was a mistake, a cold beer would have been better.

The race today is Busch Series, which I don't really follow, so not going out of my way to watch and that is about as eventful as today has been so far. Ooh, almost forgot the weather report- amazingly beautiful! Sunny, cool-ish, I had my run without being too sweaty or having any cold bits. There were some hotties out today working those muscles too.... It makes up for the intense cloudiness of last night which prevented my viewing of the red moon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ahh Deacon, such a romantic! I agree with you, unfortunately some couples are a bit more mercenary about things like gifts, etc. Would you prefer a white corset? I lean towards the jewel colors myself, but the innocence of white plus the wickedness of the shape enclosed would be an interesting juxtaposition.

I want to thank my UK friend for starting off my month with such an interesting call- and I must hear what you ultimately decide to do. That will depend on which head you listen to. Tomorrow I am joining a gym, I can't wait- that kind of thing is fun for me, weird I know. There is something so liberating about being sweaty and breathing heavily in a rather public place that I like, but if the 'trainer' they will inevitably push on me for my first visit thinks he or she is going to weigh me in front of everyone, no way! I'm 133 and sticking to it ;)