Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My friend is trying out for a part in "The Birdcage" for local theater. I think he will get the part.

Validation! The September Vogue finally made it down South and it is as big as a phonebook. Looking through it, I was reminded of a recent conversation with a friend. Said friend was having the fashion issue of boring looking dresses in pictures. I suggested a brooch. Well I may as well have suggested that he wear a diaper on his head based on the strong negative reaction received!

"That's something my grandmother would do" was said. So you can imagine the sweet smugness that welled up in me when I came to the feature article regarding the recent popularity of brooches amoung the uber-chic. Anna forgot to make sure that I was referenced as an early fan of the lovely brooch and it's property of bringing a little sparkle to an otherwise dull outfit or dress, but that's okay. I prefer to keep NY fashionstas at a safe (and long) distance. They're mean cuz they're hungry.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Degree in dusting? After waking up at an ungodly hour to help move a huge T.V., I was settling down to have a little breakfast before going back to bed when I saw something that made me gag. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is now offering a degree in homemaking, offered only to women, "aiming the students to model the characteristics of the godly woman as outlined in Scripture." (http://www.christianpost.com/article/20070815/28912_Baptists_Debate_New_Seminary_Degree_in_Homemaking.htm) Insulting as that is, the cherry on top was the deluded spokeswoman for the seminary conducting her interview with the Today show in front of a statue of (I presume) Mary Magdalene washing Jesus' feet. Although, in a seminary like this the statue could as easily be portraying "The Correct Role for Women."

And people wonder why I never got married? Of course not every man will expect that submission (or get it) but the immense pile of steaming baggage that the institution of marriage drags behind it is so difficult to ignore. It's Friday and I have the sudden desire for a very sinful weekend ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well the electrician was a little over $200.00 to replace the outlet and ground my power box outside including drilling in the inconvienently placed driveway. Could of been worse. Now if I want to watch tv it is like watching the television in my aunt's basement with stolen and badly installed cable during the early days of MTV. My date with the cable guy is Friday. Do I have exciting stuff to do or what? Oh well, no complaining, the folks in Texas have it worse with a big-ol tropical storm on the way so send good vibes over there and let's all hope for the best and be prepared to help if it turns into a disaster.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yikes lightning is not kidding! So there I was minding my own business last night watching the finale of Hell's Kitchen when BOOM there was lightning, thunder and a pop with a burning smell all at once. Next thing I know, the cat comes charging out of the bedroom making a noise I never heard before. So, I get a sadly dim flashlight and check out the damage to find the outlet cover had exploded and its smouldering pieces all over the bedroom floor. Well, at 10pm at home I'm usually barefoot and my shoes are kept- guess where- in the bedroom. The only pair I could find in rooms that didn't have shattered outlet were a pair of silver mules from Fredericks- if you go back in posts there is a picture of them.

So I was dealing with electrical issues in silver heels, a tank top and terry-cloth shorts. Wielding a broom and dust-pan, I'm happy to report the situation was handeled, I hope the electrician won't charge too too much. So that is the story of Monday night, if you have the urge to send me a little gift from my Amazon wishlist it would sure make me feel better ;)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"Bloodsucking Fiends" was a good fun read! I'll have to add more of his books to my wishlist. Sure would be nice if the generous sender would give me a call so I can thank you. It is still hot everywhere but fall stuff is hitting the stores now which I love. According to the magazines long leather gloves are going to be a key accessory this fall and I am going to stock up. Gloves add an air of mystery to an outfit as well as keeping those little hands warm. I even wore jeans in honor of the approaching season, they looked great but it is still too hot to wear them often.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wolford Stockings and an intriguing book! You know the way to my heart already B. Appealing to the senses with luxury along with a mind tickle is my idea of a great time, thank-you so much. made an appointment for a waxing tomorrow so the legs will be perfectly smooth when I stretch out the present over my skin. Unless something comes up, I should be finished reading "Oryx and Crake" tonight and will start on the "Fiends". Big kiss blown at you!
Oohh, I can't wait for the surprise Coyote! Yay and thank-you! I discovered your blog, and it is a hot one. Drop me a comment or email if you would like me to add the link- it's in my personal bookmarks now.

For some reason the only browser that will let me into my blog is Firefox, which is why it's been a while since I've posted. It has been rainy as hell all week, well for two days but that seems like a week, you know? So today will have to be an awesome workout to make up for missing 2 in a row. Also, it's product review time!

You may know that I have big hair unintentionally, it just happens and putting gel in it to weigh it down feels gross. So, for taking out poofiness, reducing frizz and making soft shiny waves the Holy Grail shampoo and conditioner is... (trumpets playing) Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Shampoo and Daily Treatment. It smells good not overpowering or perfum-y and doesn't leave any coating on the hair, just leaves it the way I like it, and this is during the rainy season too.

Every good review must have a bad one to even things out, and the disappointment of the week is wine. Alice White Lexia 2006 looks nice in the bottle, get it in your mouth and it tastes like a mixture of Chanel no 5 and pears. Cloyingly sweet and sadly low in alcohol content, it put a frown on my face and compelled me to eat hot spicy pickles to get rid of the aftertaste.