Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone! Visited my family and had a nice laid-back holiday with some of my nieces and nephews, friends, etc. My sister and I shared a good bottle of Mirrosuo (Sp?) chard and we all indulged in honey ham. Also, I have a spray-tan! My first one. And, appaerantly Paris isn't so retarded or maybe I am cuz I totally did it wrong and had to put the provided robe on my naked self and call the attendant for help. Hey, who knew the special button thingy that turns it on was down there (not as sexual as that sounds lol) or that slathering lotion on the hands and feet was necessary. I kinda like the sudden tan but was it worth $30? Not sure.
So, the good holidays are over and the summer begins. Sounds like it's time to get comfy with the phone again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well that was the longest time I ever spent in bed without enjoying it. Feeling much better today, even had some food! Did receive two issues of W back to back for entertainment. They had the incredible deal of 12 issues for $8.00 so I signed up, why not, I get lots of fashion mags. Now I know why I never subscribed to W. It is huge, glossy and very fashion-y, too much so. I like a little downtown grit with my style, W is all about socialite perfection, over-designed stiff-looking clothes that may cut you if you stand to close to the woman. It has the feel of Ivana Trump as editor- whom I love but don't want fashion advice from.

Not only that but the make-up was all wrong. Their market is obviously older women who shop at Neiman Marcus, yet they are pushing dark smoky eyes and the pale nude lip. Put that on a woman who is 40 or better and you have a 60's-80's throwback who will look washed out and aged.

Magazines that try too hard to be 'hip' and don't actually give you a good look at the featured garments are just as annoying. hmm, maybe I am just exceedingly hard to please in this area. The egg I slightly overcooked for breakfast is sitting still in my stomach, now that pleases me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sick, hardcore digestive upset. Will be back as soon as I can.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Alerts! When the Niteflirt call button for me says, "alerts on" that means go ahead and call :) During the day I may be taking a shower, vacuuming or getting the mail, and if your call comes through while I'm doing any of the above the system will ask you for a time frame in which our call can take place. I don't set myself to 'alerts' unless I am home and ready to talk, so normally I will email you back quickly to let you know I am back by the phone.

In other news, I am attempting to teach myself to sew. The nice lady who sold the sewing machine to me said that sewing is easy, she's been doing it since she was eight years old. (!) Of course some sewing former child prodigy would say that, it's like those annoying people who think skiing is so easy because their parents strapped skis on them at 5 years old. Not so easy for the rest of us buddy!

That's okay though, when I figure it out- and I will- redecorating will be so much more fun. The ability to control the exact color, print, size and trim of things will be great. Got it threaded and bought lefty scissors so watch out Christopher Lowell. So I end the least sexually stimulating post ever, call me soon I promise not to talk about the new endeavor.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reminded to post today by a caller who enjoyed reading my blog in the past, here I am! What can I say, phone sex is very distracting in the best possible way. Before working from home, the annual spring back time change was a dreaded event. It meant I was doomed to be late for everything, late and/or tired. Now that tiresome schedules are in my past, I kinda like it. Callers usually show up pretty late at night, and for now at least staying up until 2am or a bit past is a breeze. The reasoning behind the time alteration is quite stupid though. When it was instituted the idea was to save electricity- when the most electricity that was used was from lighting. Welcome to now, where we use air-conditioning and thanks to the time change lots more of it.

Rant over. It's nice to be blogging again :)