Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May is masturbation Month, and in honor of it I am having a special price on a very popular video clip. The clip showcases my ass-shaking and cleavalicious abilities and is now only $5.00. View Now! It is silent, so feel free to put it on and watch while you call me for some phone sex fun. Something else I am considering is adding an All-Natural Cam line. For my cam sessions, I wear pin-up style makeup and usually red lipstick. I love all that girly stuff, most of the time. Once a week or so, a day comes up that I don't feel like getting all glam and want to hang out in a comfy robe, or just a soft t-shirt. I'm wondering if there is a market for that sort of all-natural cam. Your thought and feedback are appreciated!
Something else that is new, for the person who doesn't do phone sex yet like pictures and clips, I opened a new studio at Kinkbomb. It is another option for you to check out and spoil your favorite sexy MILF. http://www.kinkbomb.com/studio/msamypaige/

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Okay, I like to see where my blog sighting come from, whew there is a lot of porn out there! Just so you know, porn-seeker, I don't plan on posting pussy pictures anytime soon. Blogspot isn't exactly meant for that, ya know? Sheesh know I forgot what this blog was going to be about in the first place.

Ah yes, I am taking a day off from camming. My phone lines are open and I will be available until 5:30pm EST today for sexy phone fun. Niteflirt callers get the first three minutes free and callers to my new no-taboo line; http://milfphonesex.myphonesite.com/ get a $5.00 credit to go towards the call or anything on my site. I'll will also be on for calls this evening when back from the gym and done with dinner and all of that.

So far I made it to two Spin classes this week, tonight the plan is to switch it up and try Zumba. That should be interesting, but Summer is a great time to do something new and Latin dance is new to me for sure. My work-out partner does it regularly and loves it, she advised me to concentrate on the steps first before adding the upper body movements. This sounds like good advice, i will keep you posted.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday! As fun as holidays are, they are also exhausting! I'm not camming today but do have my phone lines open including the new no-taboo line discussed in the blog entry just below this one. I didn't reach the goal of four Spin classes last week, I did go to three and lifted weights twice. So we are trying this again, four Spin classes this week along with the weights twice. I told you I would be honest about it! Now if I can find a bathing suit that will handle my amazingly big boobs that would be a great thing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No-taboo phone sex; finally! You asked for it and I have a site that you can now call thru and we can talk about and or roleplay your deepest fantasies involving mature women. You get five dollars to play with just for registering and I also have a cam line too. http://milfphonesex.myphonesite.com/ This is the site, visit today and let your desires come out to play.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New day yippie ki-yay! Warm weather is here and it is time to get these curves in shape. Feel free to keep an eye on me via my cam listings to see how it is going. I'm pretty soft right now, so if sleek curves and a fun milf are your thing we will be fine. The Summer goal is four Spinning classes a week. I'm going to go to the farmer's market today to pick up lots of fresh fruit and herbs, the pineapple I bought last time, for $2, was delicious. Have you seen how much pineapple is in the grocery store? Yes, its the simple things that get me going. Here are pics from yesterday.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

That was a fun weekend! Saturday I cammed during the day, so thank you to my callers, it was a great time. I had a dinner party Saturday night which went off well, the no egg chocolate cake was a hit and everything goes with sparkling wine. Sunday I slept in nice and late and cleaned the house before relaxing to top off the weekend. All in all quite nice. Monday I'll be available for calls from 10 or 11 am EST until 4:30 or 5pm, so get ready to get your sexy on. Tuesday I have an event to go to so will be on in the evening and for phone only, so no cam Tuesday but don't fret I'll be back at it Wednesday through Friday.
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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It occurs to me that having a sample of my voice here is a good idea, so you cn listen and know
what to expect when you call me. Let me see if my video uploading mojo is working, this is a cute clip, it cracks me up anyway.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Talk about synchronicity; I just finished dusting the shevles where some of my shows reside, including the shoes from this blog entry and they soles of those shoes are both coming loose and hanging down. Poo, I love those vintage heels. I intend to find a good old-fashioned shoe guy to fix those right up. Also, I noticed that shoe pictures are strangely popular, so it is time for more.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hydrogen peroxide to the Ears!

Yes, I had a ferocious cold/flu thing over the weekend that involved lots of fevers, sweating, chills and feeling as weak as a butterfly. So after doing every holistic type cure I could find or think of, chicken soup, Vitamin C, cough drops, rest, sleeping, etc. I turned to the Internets. One odd article i saw claimed that a doctor could cure the flu with some peroxide in the ears at the start of symptoms. That is a stretch, but I thought that if this got far enough for someone to write about, and I have a bottle or peroxide in the cabinet, might as well give it a shot.

It worked. Right after I let the peroxide bubble itself down in each ear I felt alot better. The feeling is comparable to the relief I used to feel after taking Alka-Seltzer Cold and Flu Medicine, the tablets that dissolved in a glass of water before the FDA discovered that the active ingredient was actually terrible. So, definitely worth a try if you are uncomfortable with a cold or flu.

Voice sample! I was going nuts trying to learn how to make a voice sample for my sites, when eventually the idea of making video and talking dawned. What can I say, Steven Spielberg I am not. But, it is good to know what to expect as far as the woman with whom you are interacting goes, so,

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Ok, confession time. I completely forgot about this blog. So much so that I made a new one http://phone-sex-milf.com so hey, check it out! Of course I do like this one and rediscovered it through Youtube (don't ask lol) speaking of which, they are mad at me for being too sexy. Now, my stuff is pretty tame for a good reason, I want you to look at it, be intrigued yet teased and go to my Niteflirt listing to buy the nude stuff. Yes, the secret is out hee hee. Are you curious to see the video that caused all the commotion? Let me take a little browse through my files and see if I can find it.

See, not so bad!