Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Myths about phone sex operators:
There are quite a few, but the number one myth is that we are not the girl in the picture but actually overweight trailer-park dwellers. Jerry Springer guests notwithstanding, if you actually look carefully at the way the sexy operator is portrayed you can tell if you are getting what (or who) you pay for.
First of all, read what is printed. When there is a minimum of misspelled words and the sentences are actual sentences, you are probably getting someone with education so you are off to a good start, unless you are into the ghetto thing, I don't know much about that so you are on your own there :)
Secondly, when you call, listen to the background noise. A quiet peaceful background is what you want, although recently my neighbors decided to cut (chop?) a truck-full of firewood. Some things can't be helped.

Now, you can see my pictures and hopefully tell that I am not fat(curvy :), lest you hold on to the belief that phone sex operators are all enormous, let me remind you of something. I used to work in an office, much like many of my callers, maybe you are in an office right now. I bet that there is a desk within 5 feet of you that has a candy dish on it. I also bet that often this month there has been a spread of holiday goodies in the break room.

Working a corporate job is usually a combination of stress, annoyance, and boredom so of course you are going to want yummy food to eat. Playing with you and your fantasies on the other hand is fun, sexually and creatively stimulating. Add to that the fact that in my fridge right now are some organic hard-boiled eggs and chicken breasts and you do the math. That reminds me, there are nude pictures available of me on my Niteflirt listings so you can get a look at every inch.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hmmm, interesting email of the week:

"Hi there - I Loved you ad!
I'm stuck at work slaving away at a bunch of corporate spreasheets and powerpoints, but I'll be off soon because I'm just about done with something I was working on most of the night. I really liked your ad and would really like to play once I'm done at work!

I especially like roleplaying, Are there any scenarios in partcular that you like to explore? It will help me prepare.... not that i have to prepare, but it is nice to let the thought percolate while i finish this spreadsheet ....
Some of my favorites are listed below ... any one of these you like for today?
1. You and I are a very kinky couple that love going away to different cities for romantic weekend getaways with a twist. We scour the local escort listings in the city we're in and sample the local escorts. We especially love having extended sessions and having especially adventurous call girls come up to pleasure the both of us.

2. Kindof the opposite of 1 - My companion and I see your ad in the dom section of an escort magazine and arrange for a session with you. Maybe my companion and I are seemingly 'normal' but as things progress we warm up to you and you see that beneath the suburban-like facade, we are a raging, kink-obsessed pair of insatiable sexaholics, with a whole range of taboo desires ...

3. Me teaching an apprentice how art of servicing an ass. I train a slave to worship your ass using honey, grapes, my tongue, my favorite beads, and of course my cock.

4. Me servicing your dom needs for the weekend. You want to practice the art of fucking with a beautiful range of strapons and anal probes, and I serve as your willing toy. I see you in front of me with long back boots and a gorgeous massive matching black strapon on, and I service the strapon ...... later on I demonstrate wih a long long thin anal probe just how deep I can take it both down my throat and in my ass, while you wtach and stroke that big dick ....

when are you available to play ..."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

At first I never planned to make nude pictures available, I mean that takes some nerve right? After lots of requests and let's face it, I'm not the most conservative woman around, oh and also one rather lazy photo-shoot day when I just didn't feel like dealing with wardrobe issues (can you believe it?) a nude shoot happened. It was pretty fun actually. Now, the pictures aren't too expensive so when you buy a set you may feel inclined to visit my wishlist and send me a little something, I love presents! Get the pics on my homepage before I get shy and they disappear ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on my Project Runway post below: After taking a closer look at all three collections, Kenley's is the one with the most looks I would wear, custom fitted to me and none of the hat/facsinator thingys. Korto's had too much volume and pleating. Carry on!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"A breast of fresh air!" Hardy har har, best thing that ever came out of Mc Cain's mouth. So, also watched the finale of Project Runway last night- random thoughts. Let's start with Korto. Now artists are creative and dramatic and all that but damn must you cry evry 10 minutes? I was so OVER her and her story and showing her culture through her work which really only showed through the accessories anyway. Also we need to talk about this compelling urge to match, exactly, your eyeshadow to your dresses. It's just wrong.

Leanne: what is there to say? She was the clear winner, the only one with a cohesive point-of-view and her clothes looked like they could become collectors' items. So why Leanne do you have absolutely no idea how to dress yourself? That awful tight black ill-fitting (was it ruched ot just climbing up her hips?)skirt did odd things to your ass and those shoe booties are God-awful on everyone they make the legs look stumpy. Truly, every season I pick up the new shoe silhouette, not this year. The perfect trend for a year no one has money. Shoe booties are as ugly as Crocs and probably not as comfortable as people claim Crocs are (no I have never put my foot in a plastic shoe thank-you). Also, spend some time in the Tresemme hair and makeup room please!!

Kenley: I kind of love Kenley. She cracks me up with her bizarre flashes of self-awareness ("Lots of personality, good or bad"!) and her looks are interesting if textbook re-creations of other couture designers whether she knows it or not. Also, who else wears a tiara of antennae leaves on the runway? If I could choose one of them as my personal designer, it would be Korto cause hey, I'm curvy and love raw silk. If I were 5'10" 120 lbs and 22, dude I would be all over Kenley's stuff. That's all.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Well put me over your knee because I need a spanking! Sorry I haven't posted in forever, distractions all over the place and focus is needed. I am going to take new pictures this week so keep an eye on my listings for those, special friends usually get a sneak preview so if we aren't phone friends yet give me a call. You will be surprised how I like to spoil those I get to know intimately ;)

I need a pedicure but feel guilty going to get one today while people are dealing with the aftereffects of a hurricane and the economy is crashing, you know? I'll probably stay in today so give me a call, we can make this gloomy day much better and wetter ;)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Now Chef Ramsay not only cracks me up, but also turns me on! Yes people I had a sex dream about the grouchy chef. I need to get some cock soon, this is getting out of hand (get it? using my hands alot). He was teaching a class- not cooking, it was like a combination gym class and report writing, and I went over to hand him my report. I was wearing a silky little top, something I would really wear to bed, without a bra underneath. Why I was wearing that to a gym class I don't know, maybe it was a strip dancing class, I vaguely remember hanging and swing from a bar bolted to the ceiling. But there were men in class too, dreams are weird aren't they?

So, I hand in the report and he casually reaches out and fondles one of my breasts while I stand there allowing it. Then I woke up. JEEZ, I can't get any hard-core even in dreams!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It is official, Gordon Ramsay cracks me up ;) I don't know why it is so freakin hilarious to watch him berate those people scurrying around in his kitchen but it is. And, yay for air-conditioning! After a very long day spent stepping around the a/c guy and trying to work I am alone and a cool 76 degrees right now. Too cool? Give me a call and we will heat things up quickly.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's gettin hot in herrrre, because I need a new a/c unit that's why. Damn, can think of many other ways to get hot and enjoy it. Today I took refuge in a cool dark movie theater. Saw 21, which is a modern Risky Business. I give it a B-, for having too many shots of playing cards and some moments that didn't really make sense. Exposition of those would have been a better use of screen time then close-ups of cards in my opinion. Also, why even have Kate Bosworth hook up if you aren't going to show it? So I'm in front of the fan wearing next to nothing, call me!

And, if you are on a budget or need a little inspiration before calling, check out the link I added today, Celebrity Fantasies. All hot women, all the time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone! Visited my family and had a nice laid-back holiday with some of my nieces and nephews, friends, etc. My sister and I shared a good bottle of Mirrosuo (Sp?) chard and we all indulged in honey ham. Also, I have a spray-tan! My first one. And, appaerantly Paris isn't so retarded or maybe I am cuz I totally did it wrong and had to put the provided robe on my naked self and call the attendant for help. Hey, who knew the special button thingy that turns it on was down there (not as sexual as that sounds lol) or that slathering lotion on the hands and feet was necessary. I kinda like the sudden tan but was it worth $30? Not sure.
So, the good holidays are over and the summer begins. Sounds like it's time to get comfy with the phone again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well that was the longest time I ever spent in bed without enjoying it. Feeling much better today, even had some food! Did receive two issues of W back to back for entertainment. They had the incredible deal of 12 issues for $8.00 so I signed up, why not, I get lots of fashion mags. Now I know why I never subscribed to W. It is huge, glossy and very fashion-y, too much so. I like a little downtown grit with my style, W is all about socialite perfection, over-designed stiff-looking clothes that may cut you if you stand to close to the woman. It has the feel of Ivana Trump as editor- whom I love but don't want fashion advice from.

Not only that but the make-up was all wrong. Their market is obviously older women who shop at Neiman Marcus, yet they are pushing dark smoky eyes and the pale nude lip. Put that on a woman who is 40 or better and you have a 60's-80's throwback who will look washed out and aged.

Magazines that try too hard to be 'hip' and don't actually give you a good look at the featured garments are just as annoying. hmm, maybe I am just exceedingly hard to please in this area. The egg I slightly overcooked for breakfast is sitting still in my stomach, now that pleases me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sick, hardcore digestive upset. Will be back as soon as I can.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Alerts! When the Niteflirt call button for me says, "alerts on" that means go ahead and call :) During the day I may be taking a shower, vacuuming or getting the mail, and if your call comes through while I'm doing any of the above the system will ask you for a time frame in which our call can take place. I don't set myself to 'alerts' unless I am home and ready to talk, so normally I will email you back quickly to let you know I am back by the phone.

In other news, I am attempting to teach myself to sew. The nice lady who sold the sewing machine to me said that sewing is easy, she's been doing it since she was eight years old. (!) Of course some sewing former child prodigy would say that, it's like those annoying people who think skiing is so easy because their parents strapped skis on them at 5 years old. Not so easy for the rest of us buddy!

That's okay though, when I figure it out- and I will- redecorating will be so much more fun. The ability to control the exact color, print, size and trim of things will be great. Got it threaded and bought lefty scissors so watch out Christopher Lowell. So I end the least sexually stimulating post ever, call me soon I promise not to talk about the new endeavor.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reminded to post today by a caller who enjoyed reading my blog in the past, here I am! What can I say, phone sex is very distracting in the best possible way. Before working from home, the annual spring back time change was a dreaded event. It meant I was doomed to be late for everything, late and/or tired. Now that tiresome schedules are in my past, I kinda like it. Callers usually show up pretty late at night, and for now at least staying up until 2am or a bit past is a breeze. The reasoning behind the time alteration is quite stupid though. When it was instituted the idea was to save electricity- when the most electricity that was used was from lighting. Welcome to now, where we use air-conditioning and thanks to the time change lots more of it.

Rant over. It's nice to be blogging again :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Big thanks to all who commented on the previous post- no we didn't make it on TV but it was fun as hell anyway! Now it's Superbowl Sunday and so hard to wait for gametime to start the party. I turned on the listing hoping to get some fun calls and use this time in a great way. Weird how even though I don't really follow either of the teams in today's game it's still exciting. I'm making chili and the wine is in the fridge.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last weekend I flew down to Florida to visit friends and party at Gasparilla. We tivo'd the live coverage of the parade just in case we or someone we knew were on TV, had a great time at the party and basically collasped when we got back to her place. Sunday, while having a relaxing brunch and sitting in her living room we watched the coverage where to our surprise and delight one of the Tampa morning anchors, Gayle Guyardo who was doing the parade commentary, was completely wasted. Seriously, it was like watching Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) attempt to do it.

It isn't weird to get drunk at this particular festival, it is strange to do it while you are WORKING, and don't TV anchors make a lot of money? So she really could have waited until the parade was over (at 4:30 in the afternoon). Did she get fired, reprimanded, or apologize? Hell no. She says she had the flu.

Okay, the flu does not make me jump around wildly, tell co-workers how hot they are, repeat myself a dozen times and slur my words. I've had the flu and I've been drunk so, yeah, the difference is obvious. The station she works for is affiliated with the newspaper too and the story has been completely squashed.

Any other public figure that behaved this way on their own time , let alone while working, would have endured intense scrutiny by the news media but as she is part of the news media it is as covered up and ignored as possible.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Having been informed that I can't be a MILF without having any kids, and too young for true cougerhood, there is a bit of an identity crisis over here! Whew, glad that passed quickly ;) Excited about the yoga chair I ordered yesterday- hope there isn't too much assembly involved. Of course I won't be doing the assembly unless it's incredibly easy, I'm just thinking about my friend's stress level when he puts it together for me (always thinking about others...). If anyone has one of those kneeling yoga chairs it'd be great to here your thoughts, as a dedicated sloucher I need something to keep this back straight and already found out it is possible to slouch while sitting on a balance ball so that's out.