Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Myths about phone sex operators:
There are quite a few, but the number one myth is that we are not the girl in the picture but actually overweight trailer-park dwellers. Jerry Springer guests notwithstanding, if you actually look carefully at the way the sexy operator is portrayed you can tell if you are getting what (or who) you pay for.
First of all, read what is printed. When there is a minimum of misspelled words and the sentences are actual sentences, you are probably getting someone with education so you are off to a good start, unless you are into the ghetto thing, I don't know much about that so you are on your own there :)
Secondly, when you call, listen to the background noise. A quiet peaceful background is what you want, although recently my neighbors decided to cut (chop?) a truck-full of firewood. Some things can't be helped.

Now, you can see my pictures and hopefully tell that I am not fat(curvy :), lest you hold on to the belief that phone sex operators are all enormous, let me remind you of something. I used to work in an office, much like many of my callers, maybe you are in an office right now. I bet that there is a desk within 5 feet of you that has a candy dish on it. I also bet that often this month there has been a spread of holiday goodies in the break room.

Working a corporate job is usually a combination of stress, annoyance, and boredom so of course you are going to want yummy food to eat. Playing with you and your fantasies on the other hand is fun, sexually and creatively stimulating. Add to that the fact that in my fridge right now are some organic hard-boiled eggs and chicken breasts and you do the math. That reminds me, there are nude pictures available of me on my Niteflirt listings so you can get a look at every inch.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hmmm, interesting email of the week:

"Hi there - I Loved you ad!
I'm stuck at work slaving away at a bunch of corporate spreasheets and powerpoints, but I'll be off soon because I'm just about done with something I was working on most of the night. I really liked your ad and would really like to play once I'm done at work!

I especially like roleplaying, Are there any scenarios in partcular that you like to explore? It will help me prepare.... not that i have to prepare, but it is nice to let the thought percolate while i finish this spreadsheet ....
Some of my favorites are listed below ... any one of these you like for today?
1. You and I are a very kinky couple that love going away to different cities for romantic weekend getaways with a twist. We scour the local escort listings in the city we're in and sample the local escorts. We especially love having extended sessions and having especially adventurous call girls come up to pleasure the both of us.

2. Kindof the opposite of 1 - My companion and I see your ad in the dom section of an escort magazine and arrange for a session with you. Maybe my companion and I are seemingly 'normal' but as things progress we warm up to you and you see that beneath the suburban-like facade, we are a raging, kink-obsessed pair of insatiable sexaholics, with a whole range of taboo desires ...

3. Me teaching an apprentice how art of servicing an ass. I train a slave to worship your ass using honey, grapes, my tongue, my favorite beads, and of course my cock.

4. Me servicing your dom needs for the weekend. You want to practice the art of fucking with a beautiful range of strapons and anal probes, and I serve as your willing toy. I see you in front of me with long back boots and a gorgeous massive matching black strapon on, and I service the strapon ...... later on I demonstrate wih a long long thin anal probe just how deep I can take it both down my throat and in my ass, while you wtach and stroke that big dick ....

when are you available to play ..."