Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year to all of my friends, I have enjoyed talking to you about so many different things, from shoes to cars and movies. Looking forward to hearing from everyone about their holiday season, and if you are anything like me, you mingled feeling of relief and a bit blue that it's over. I am still (at 8pm) deciding what to do tonight, but most likely the fancy party will be skipped in favor of hanging out at the neighborhood pub. The sparkling wine is in the fridge, so forgive me if I don't log on too early tomorrow. Cheers!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Here's an interesting shot, is that the most cleavage ever or what?? So now, in addition to complaining about warm weather I also bemoan my large bust in an attempt to alienate all of my readers (or both haha.) It is pouring rain, so the cold front I've been wishing for is on it's way. Deacon, come hit the beach in March, you will love it!

Xmas eve was great, judging by the gifts I received either I am considered quite the sexpot or desperately in need of help- some revealing negligees, a big bottle of warming KY jelly (I'm not kidding) and a huge bottle of vodka were brought home last night. So, I'm wearing one of the nighties, the KY is in the drawer next to the bed, and vodka is in the freezer. Merry Christmas and all the other holidays!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Did you hang up on me Saturday night? I am quite perturbed about that, especially after you knew about my broken cork and unexpected mess troubles. There will need to be some serious apologizing done. And, I woke up early and caught most of "Beyond The Valley of the Dolls" which may be the most awesomely craptastic movie ever!! Kept me riveted to the screen until the end where the lovely protagonist helps her new husband across a log bridge- On Crutches! That is probably the least absurd part of it but still a nice touch.

Since it is warm and muggy today I have no idea what to wear to the Xmas Eve festivities, cannot wait for some good steady cold fronts to push through so I can turn off the air conditioning and snuggle up in some cashmere. It's pretty hard to be in the holiday spirit when your swatting mosqitoes and sporting flip=flops. Rereading "The Rum Diaries" might help.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Part two of the new ending of "Story of O".

Back in France, Ophelia rents an apartment on the outskirts of Paris. She uses her previous experience and the photos she took before leaving Germany to acquire a job with a rather radical French newspaper. The men look down on a female photographer, especially one with a background in fashion. Ophelia won't have it. It is as if being in charge of so much iron replaced her own backbone with one of steel, and she demands respect. Her demeanor is that of a queen, truly, a woman who had gone through as much as she, the abuse and torture, and brought herself out of it by accepting help and giving much back is a queen of sorts.

Her co-workers find themselves responding to her mere look; a raised eyebrow results in fast acquiescence. Ophelia enjoys her resurrected life, but it is tainted by the scars and deformity caused by her torture at Sir Stephen's hands. A grotesque combination of physical perfection and scars, burn marks and stretched labia, Ophelia doesn't know how she will be able to get sexual satisfaction anymore. She tried to distract herself from her underlying frustration by taking long walks through town.

It is on one of these walks, in an unfamiliar and rather seedy part of town that Ophelia finds a store that sells things only for adults. Boldly walking in, her eyes take in the devices hanging on the walls in packages, and the magazines behind the counter. One magazine in particular caught her eye, it reminded her of her old life, but inversely. Instead of a woman being bound and flogged, there was a man. Instead of a masked man wielding the whip, there was a woman dressed in a tight black costume. Ophelia was surprised to feel that familiar heat rise up between her legs.

She smiled at the middle-aged man behind the counter and bought the magazine.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

New ending for the Story of O- Forlorn and heartbroken, after Sir Stephen gave his assent for O to kill herself, she decided to commit suicide in Germany, far from France. She sells everything she has and buys a train ticket- and a complete set of the lingerie she was forbidden to wear by Sir Stephen. On the train she experiments with crossing her legs, but finds it too uncomfortable with the irons that run through her labia. Suddenly both angry and still depressed, she flings herself from the train. O is found later that day by a blacksmith passing by on his way home from a neighboring town. She is unconcious but alive, so he lifts her into is truck and takes her to his shop, where he also lives. He noticed the chain when he picked her up, and, horrified, thinks she must have been a victim of forced slavery. He decides to remove the chain with a large file he used regularly in his work.

O awakens mid-removal, but is so conditioned to submit to anything that she lays there dully while the blacksmith, embarrassed but determined, finishes the job. Afterwards, he gets her some fresh juice and milk and sets her in his bed to sleep, alone and dressed. O has odd dreams, and when she awakens a second time able to move her legs against one another she finds she cannot stop doing so. O knows a little German, and when the blacksmith asks her name she tells him.

Ophelia recuperates at the blacksmith's home for the rest of the week, at the end of which he tells her he has found her a job and place to stay. Curious, she agrees to his unknown plan and is soon moved into a house with a slightly older couple. They run a small family farm and have their hands full raising to rambunctious three-year-old twin boys. The language difference makes questions difficult, and Ophelia helps wrangle the boys and do housework.

Two months later she is much stronger, and although she appreciates kids she realizes that is not the life for her. Ophelia requests apprenticeship with the blacksmith. Astonished, he refuses her at first, saying the work is too heavy and hard. This makes Ophelia laugh to herself, he has no idea what she has been through, hard heavy work is what she craves. He finally gives in. Ophelia works with the blacksmith for two years, transforming her body into one of hard smooth muscle. As capable as she is, the blacksmith decides he needs a male helper. They understand each other well by now, and Ophelia has told him of her previous career as a fashion photographer.

Gift of a new camera in hand, a different Ophelia returns to France. Part two coming soon!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I just finished re-reading "The Story of O', I was 17 or so when I read it the first time. Immediately on finishing it I was quite creeped out, I read for the surface story first and only later do I see underneath. It was worth a read, and fairly easy prose once you get past the subject matter, so-o, I get it metaphorically but still think its weird that a woman would subject even her fantasy alter-ego to such abuse for self gratification. I suppose there is a certain freedom in relinquishing control, but that is why sky-diving was invented, no? No plans of being pierced or branded here, although I may get a pedicure this week.

In other news, I bought the coolest digital camera, it is tiny so you keep it on your key-chain, very James Bond. Now I just need to figure out how to use it!

Friday, December 08, 2006

I love Christmas music! You all know that I am unafraid of being dorky and this is more proof, yes listening to Xmas music all day does not bother me at all. The older, cornier and more romantic the song the better. I was going to order one of those sexy little santa-ish nighties from Fredericks but I haven't yet. Should I? Very undecided as far as that goes but shall see. I took a break from reading catalogs and magazines to read "The Rum Diaries" by Hunter S Thompson. Great book! Loved it, good thing it wasn't the wine diaries or I might have tried to match the protagonists, that would not be good for the liver I'm afraid.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Done driving that big truck today? It must be time to call me then! Today I went Xmas shopping, and as I wasn't in any hurry and didn't have a specific plan as far as who is getting what, it was completely painless! Not even a line if you can believe it! (by the way, I totally adore this new spell check feature in Firefox, if you are not browsing with it yet you don't know what you are missing.) I bought toys for three kids today, all little nieces, and damn that shopping bag was huge! It was fun playing with everything, just to make sure they work you know...ok, it was just fun. The plan for today is work out and to not shop! Hard to do in December but must wait for $$ to show up in that account.

I made chicken soup- from scratch last night. That should help with the little cold I have, soup and tea cures all ills you know.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

"The Fountain" movie review! Actually, it can't be a true movie review as I got so cold that we left early so if it drastically improves at the end I guess I will be waiting for the dvd to find out. I had really high expectations going in to this movie, if it was either as 'big' of a movie as it looked in the previews, or as edgy a film as Aronofsky's (my spelling of his name may be off here) earlier work it would be either cool to watch or completely awesome. Neither! Too many extreme close-ups, too slow, and too much dredging us in the leads Undying Love. I was bored, and for me to be bored while looking at Hugh Jackman is a feat lemme tell you. All was not lost, as I did catch a great sale at Old Navy and picked up a pair of comfy, skinny jeans that look great! Took care of a little xmas shopping too.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hooker Shoes!!! I know that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving or the holiday season and that is why I'm putting it up. I'm already sick of T-day and Black Friday. As a person who seriously considered a career as a personal shopper (I still do it for friends with shopping/clothing issues) Black Friday is newbie day to me. Not to brag, but last week I helped a friend get the start of a new wardrobe including 4 pair of jeans, all different and perfectly fitting, for under $200.00. Yep. So, not planning to hit the stores today, hanging out at home and will go workout later. How do you like those hooker shoes?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Jimmie Johnson in 1st place!!! I like him, Mark Martin too, on his last season racing. Too much fun this weekend, I killed a few brain cells for sure. I bought a little used space heater in order to avoid heating the whole house and, this is gross, but I think there is a dead roach stuck in it because the smell is awful! That is what I get for buying something used, was trying to be more environmentally friendly. Poo. Chatted with a man from Illinois very early this morning- both of us unable to sleep. I guess I put him to sleep as he did not say goodbye! Here is one of my artistic pictures- not dark! Artistic!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Changed my profile picture to one that isn't so dark, hope you like it! Last weekend was fun, talked on the phone with a couple interesting new friends. Laid back is the term that best describes my grad student friend, it's always cool to chat with people more than once so we can get to know each other that much better. I also chatted with a younger guy who was awfully mature for a 22 y/o, in a good way. The next day a guy from my old hometown gave me a call, that made me a bit homesick for my former hangouts, but I will go back for Thanksgiving to see everyone.

I mentioned my shoe fetish before didn't I? Well, here is a shot of one of my current favorite pairs of shoes.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Flu Shot and Josh Blue were the two things on my itinerary for the past couple of days, sort of. I visited one of my college friends who now works on campus Wednesday, and saw that flu shots were available there, so decided to get one. For an impulse purchase I thought it was pretty smart. Thursday night Josh Blue was going to perform for Disability Awareness week, and I was invited to go. Feeling no effects at all from the shot, my friend and I kidded around that maybe I got a used one.

Ha! As soon as I got home that afternoon I couldn't keep my eyes open, and have been sleeping on and off ever since. Finally today I feel normal. So, I missed the show- although I feel like I've already seen all of his material from watching the show he won. Hi to Mr. Awesome D. who caught me during one of my rare waking moments yesterday!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm glad I logged on this morning to accept calls, talked to some very interesting people! My new college friend named B. is working his ass off with classes, I hope you decide to take the new job, but if not, working in a gym has it's advantages for sure. I should be putting makeup on right now instead of blogging, but I had to get rid of that dead link button. If you would like to use one you can scroll down a little, that one works.

I will be back later this evening most likely, going to my alma mater to meet an old friend today and probably head downtown for some lunch or coffee. I love coffee, not Starbucks though. That swill tastes like crap I'm sorry to say. No one notices because most people order the sweet drinks there but to a hard-core coffee drinker, hell even McDonald's coffee around here is better. Don't spill it in your lap though!
It's Monday!! As much fun as I have on weekends I have to admit that I like getting back to my regular weekday stuff. Last weekend was busy with a birthday party and recuperating from that wine tasting Friday. Today has been fun, said a quick hi to my photographer friend while he was driving down the road (as always!)and had a good long chat with Mr.D, who thought I hung up on him. Like I would do that, no way!! Well, maybe to some people, but not him lol. He's a sweetie and the girl he's dating is lucky! Right now I have a big cup of hot tea and getting ready to relax with the new kitty. Talk to you all soon!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Call ButtonIt's Monday!! As much fun as I have on weekends I have to admit that I like getting back to my regular weekday stuff. Last weekend was busy with a birthday party and recuperating from that wine tasting Friday. Today has been fun, said a quick hi to my photographer friend while he was driving down the road (as always!)and had a good long chat with Mr.D, who thought I hung up on him. Like I would do that, no way!! Well, maybe to some people, but not him lol. He's a sweetie and the girl he's dating is lucky! Right now I have a big cup of hot tea and getting ready to relax with the new kitty. Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I am trying to put a call button on here to make it easy for you to call, but so far haven't found out where to put it. So, here it is, hope this works! Last night I had little wine tasting for some friends, the rules were no wine that cost over $10 a bottle, and all white wines. We couldn't agree on a best one, so have to keep trying, haha. The worst was Beringer's Chenin Blanc. A good Chenin Blanc, like a french vouvray, pardon my spelling please, is so light and fresh it tastes like what Champange wishes it was. This Beringer was Awful, sticky sweet, then after swallowed it just laid down on your tongue and died a rancid death. We had a good time!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy day after Halloween! I passed out candy to the kids last night, and have given up guessing what the costumes are, out loud at least. How was I supposed to know that little boy was a prince, not Elvis? Bought way too much candy as usual, too bad I don't have an office where I can abandon it. That is a disadvantage of working from home. I promised one of my new friends a pic of my costume from the other night, and that was a lie- but I do have a couple that really showcase my, ahem, assets, so here they are!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Here are a couple of pics for John in Florida- Go Gators!!
I LOVE the time change!!! This is what I look forward to every year; suddenly instead of constantly being late and in a hurry I am on time and even early to things. Also, night time starts earlier and that is my preferred time to be awake and do stuff (until 3am or so, don't even try me unless I can't sleep or something)

Of course I went out Saturday night- the extra long have another hour of fun night! Dressed up in my Devil gear, complete with killer high heels and snake necklace, I was smouldering if I must say so myself. Even joined the costume contest, but it was the kind where you have to stand in a line-up while everyone claps, then there are two more rounds while it gets whitteled down. Did I have the patience for all that? No! So, when I was told I made it to the next round I passed. Party night is for having fun, not standing around like some damn beauty contestant.

Pictures of the outfit will be posted, but right now critical components of it are soaking in cold water and woolite in an effort to get all of the horrid smoke smell out of them. Soo, was there flirting- some, mostly lots of fun and slightly tipsy drama.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What a crazy night last night was! First, almost too fun relaxing and playing around on the phone with a very charming person who knows exactly who he is; then, just as I'm lying in bed with my eyes closed (but not asleep) there is this loud banging on the door and a voice hollering, "Police, open up!" Well, I knew having fun was going to be made illegal any day now in America but I was still shocked. So, I'm having to hang up the phone and run around trying to find something PG-rated to put on myself without falling over a cat or tripping on the phone cord- all before the cops break down my door.

They had the wrong address. Apparantly my neighbors (sort of, down the street with reversed street numbers from mine) were having a loud argument and somone called the cops on them. All of this took a few minutes to straighten out and they left. So much for my relaxing night huh.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It has been extremely fun talking to all of my new friends on Keen the past couple of days (and nights)! Had a great long chat with a certain photographer in the South last night that ended with a chilled glass of Chardonnay, on my end anyway, I think he went for the Zinfandel. Wine is a good thing. Wow, here you are now!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hi Everyone! I am trying this blog thing out so I hope it will show up online and look normal and all. The point of this blog is to chat with and about my new friends that have been calling me on Keen, and post some pictures and have fun. Can't hurt to brush up on my computing skills as well, right? So, this weekend was fun, I did some shopping at Nordstrom's buying my sister a birthday present but when I gave it to her she said I has bought her a top just like that before. So hmm, I guess I have a certain look for her in mind. I know that top will look fab on her anyway.

Picked up some make-up too, my first experience with Lip Venom. So far I love it! If you don't know what it is, it's lip gloss that stings your lips and is supposed to make them plumper. Suddenly, I had the urge to kiss everyone in sight on the lips to see if it would burn them hahaha. Except little babies of course. Before I go further I better see if I am doing this right.