Thursday, December 27, 2007

Artistic checks is a big ol'ripoff so watch out if you order from them. Rant below.
Due to a mix-up in my account number, I called to request that the checks I had bought, paid for be returned and reprinted with the right information. They said they could put in another order for me at half price. Well, the additional money was taken out of my account immediately and I was sent to the bank to have them fax the correct info. Soon I was advised that I needed to go back to the bank for yet more info to be faxed. Not about to go through all that, I canceled the new order. They only refunded part of the money that they took out for the new checks- that weren't even printed yet! So, they have $36 for checks I can't use, plus $8 for, umm, nothing.

Okay enough of that, I hope everyone who celebrates the holidays had a good one, or is at least glad it's over;). Give me a call, I'm on between 9pm and 2am Monday thru Friday.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My wish came true, it is cold outside! Now I have the urge to get naked and all snuggled up in bed with a couple of down comforters on top and pillows all over the place. The phone will be on the nightstand so I can stay there while we chat (winks).

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thank-you Mr. Magic :) Christmas music always helps get me in the mood for the season, I just can't bring myself to hate it in spite of so many others saying they do. Santa Baby is a classic, I prefer the Eartha Kitt version, and the song about how cold it is outside- the Dean Martin one- I just love. It makes me think (fantasize) about being seduced by a smooth man plying me with red wine while snow sparkles outside in the background and there is a fire and cozy rug in front of it. Sigh. Hopefully it will get cold as scheduled soon.

In other news, there is a tennis bracelet stuck on my wrist. Now, jewelry is great, but so is sleeping and showering completely naked so if the catch doesn't let go soon a trip to the jewelers is coming up. Oh my god, it just came off! The miracle of blogging regularly folks, proven here tonight.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I love shopping! Today one of my special friends took me shopping and now I have off-white snow bunny boots, new sexy Seven jeans, and best of all, white gold and diamond earrings! Soo excited- that is the way to get me in the holiday spirit. Football is a good thing too except for my poor Bucs unless things changed in the 4th quarter, but I'm holding out hope that the Colts continue winning today. Presents get me in a naughty mood so call me soon!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The living and dining room are decorated now- that is as far as I go, it's enough to keep the rest of the rooms clean and clutter free, and found an old Barnes and Noble gift card from so long ago its embarrassing- but it miraculously kept its value so I just ordered a fashiony calendar as a gift to myself. The Christmas spirit is working for sure! Even took a couple of pics, they're a little dark as it is nighttime but the night-time is the right time (so corny yet true :)