Monday, May 19, 2008

Now Chef Ramsay not only cracks me up, but also turns me on! Yes people I had a sex dream about the grouchy chef. I need to get some cock soon, this is getting out of hand (get it? using my hands alot). He was teaching a class- not cooking, it was like a combination gym class and report writing, and I went over to hand him my report. I was wearing a silky little top, something I would really wear to bed, without a bra underneath. Why I was wearing that to a gym class I don't know, maybe it was a strip dancing class, I vaguely remember hanging and swing from a bar bolted to the ceiling. But there were men in class too, dreams are weird aren't they?

So, I hand in the report and he casually reaches out and fondles one of my breasts while I stand there allowing it. Then I woke up. JEEZ, I can't get any hard-core even in dreams!!