Thursday, October 23, 2008

At first I never planned to make nude pictures available, I mean that takes some nerve right? After lots of requests and let's face it, I'm not the most conservative woman around, oh and also one rather lazy photo-shoot day when I just didn't feel like dealing with wardrobe issues (can you believe it?) a nude shoot happened. It was pretty fun actually. Now, the pictures aren't too expensive so when you buy a set you may feel inclined to visit my wishlist and send me a little something, I love presents! Get the pics on my homepage before I get shy and they disappear ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on my Project Runway post below: After taking a closer look at all three collections, Kenley's is the one with the most looks I would wear, custom fitted to me and none of the hat/facsinator thingys. Korto's had too much volume and pleating. Carry on!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"A breast of fresh air!" Hardy har har, best thing that ever came out of Mc Cain's mouth. So, also watched the finale of Project Runway last night- random thoughts. Let's start with Korto. Now artists are creative and dramatic and all that but damn must you cry evry 10 minutes? I was so OVER her and her story and showing her culture through her work which really only showed through the accessories anyway. Also we need to talk about this compelling urge to match, exactly, your eyeshadow to your dresses. It's just wrong.

Leanne: what is there to say? She was the clear winner, the only one with a cohesive point-of-view and her clothes looked like they could become collectors' items. So why Leanne do you have absolutely no idea how to dress yourself? That awful tight black ill-fitting (was it ruched ot just climbing up her hips?)skirt did odd things to your ass and those shoe booties are God-awful on everyone they make the legs look stumpy. Truly, every season I pick up the new shoe silhouette, not this year. The perfect trend for a year no one has money. Shoe booties are as ugly as Crocs and probably not as comfortable as people claim Crocs are (no I have never put my foot in a plastic shoe thank-you). Also, spend some time in the Tresemme hair and makeup room please!!

Kenley: I kind of love Kenley. She cracks me up with her bizarre flashes of self-awareness ("Lots of personality, good or bad"!) and her looks are interesting if textbook re-creations of other couture designers whether she knows it or not. Also, who else wears a tiara of antennae leaves on the runway? If I could choose one of them as my personal designer, it would be Korto cause hey, I'm curvy and love raw silk. If I were 5'10" 120 lbs and 22, dude I would be all over Kenley's stuff. That's all.