Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tricked! I was lured to Orlando by my best friend from college for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival- an afternoon and evening of drinking among adults (mostly) when the plans changed. Next thing I knew, I was getting up at 7am and on the way to MGM Studios- crowds and kids and cutely costumed characters and no wine!!! Why go, well because when the original plan was discussed another friend offered to get us in free and my buddies are really into the whole Disney experience.

When we finally got to Epcot, it turned out the wine was served in little plastic goblets so I switched to beers around the world, which were quite yummy (as were some of the dads in the throng thank god something to look at). So yeah, too wiped out to go to the drag show that night, I chilled in one of the most amazing suites eveh, 1600 square feet anyone? Spa tub, granite on every countertop including both bathrooms, it was niiice.

Moral? Enjoy Orlando by staying away from the theme parks and get an awesome room, hit some eating establishments to see the cute waiters [waves and winks at Mike from the Cheesecake Factory] and shop the Millenia Mall and the outlets.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I admit to having never seen a Fellini film, so I recorded "Satyricon" and settled in for a couple of hours of lust. That was disappointing! Why every single actor had to have heavy drag queen makeup caked on is beyond me. We know they're gay- it's the plot (such as it is)and the ridiculous makeup killed the film for me. Turning attractive actors into such hideous caricatures makes me think that Fellini was seriously conflicted about his views on sexuality in spite of the film's hype that suggests that the director approves of homosexuality. Going to have to watch some real gay porn to see any hotties apparently.

Luckily, I also recorded the film "The Barefoot Contessa" so Ava Gardner massaged my eyes for a while in the old tragedy- wearing fabulous clothes in all but one scene.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fashion! You all know I love fashion especially when the unexpected happens, for example a model ignores a large hole in the runway, heads straight for it and the, well not completely unexpected occurs.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Links are finally working!!! Try them out, all the blogs I link to are awesome :)

Wow, what is everyone up to tonight? I should be getting some very interesting reports soon when you tell me what was going on that kept you away from home. So-o, I will post some pictures of my pretty feet (or at least, very well-maintained feet).

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well-played Top Chef! I almost didn't watch this season after last years debacle, but am so pleased. Finally a reality show where the contestants appear cognizant of the fact that they will be needing jobs after the show ends. They behaved like adults! Whoo-hoo no ridiculous "virgin" taunting and a powerful diss on the overuse of curry (too late, where was that when pud Elian won, but still). So, yeah, good show.

Also, dear gods of television, if someone could please arrange a full makeover for Perez Hilton so my eyes don't have to start watering in the ten seconds it takes for me to find the remote and change the channel to something he isn't on, I will greatly appreciate it.

I found the pillows I wanted! Not quite the quality level desired, so we'll see how long they continue to look nice but for now my living room is perfect. Now onto the bedroom. A late sleeper, bright airy bedrooms do nothing for me, I like them dark, cool and sexy. The room is pretty much complete, just needs something on the walls.