Thursday, May 31, 2007

Money finally hit my account, so today was pedicure, eyebrow and hair day Yay! My toes look so pretty I can hardly stop looking at them, and the non-bushiness of my brows is very pleasing. This was me last night playing with the camera. Forgive the weird shadows, I never met a lamp with an unique glass treatment I didn't like ;) Call me!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ack! Dead computer. I went out yesterday and bought a Macbook to avoid these damn virus issues. Too bad I am having such problems figuring it out! The iphoto thing is probably very easy to use- what I want to do is go into my photobucket account and download all of my pictures that are hosted there into my mac photos. This was pretty easy on the windows laptop but I have no clue how to do it on the new one so I can't send anyone pictures. Poo. Cutting and pasting the link doesn't work so please don't suggest that. Also, I would love to have a bunch of different safari windows on the screen at the same time, not shrunk down in the dock. Anyone know how to do that? Oh well, at least the phone both works and I know how to use it. That's a hint!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

How the other half lives...I have a good friend here in town, she is about the same age as myself and we share wicked senses of humor and close to the same size in clothes. Other then that, her life is completely opposite of mine. She has kids and a big house in the suburbs, as well as the $$ to go out of town on holiday weekends (disclaimer, I was invited to go to the shore this weekend but already accepted an invite to one of my good friend's birthday parties that I really wanted to attend). The thing is, criminals in our metro area have finally gotten smart enough to target the better neighborhoods instead of leaving them alone to do crimes in their own 'hoods.
Which all means that she needed a house-sitter this weekend and I am happy to oblige. Everything about her house is big. Right now, the computer I am typing on has the monitor like three feet away and a ginormous desk. I use a laptop out of necessity due to space issues in my condo. Upstairs is unknown territory for this weekend, been there while she and the kids are home, but if you think I'm wandering up there while I'm here alone forget it. I've seen a horror movie or two in time.
This much everything is a lot to handle- yes it's the American dream and cool for a weekend or two, but when I get home to a TV that I can figure out and my single bathroom I will be fine with that. Oh god the air-conditioner just made a noise- at least I hope that's what it was....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beer! Did that capture your attention? I hope so, because it is Unbiased and Potentially Mean Review of Products time! The other day I picked up a six-pack of organic beer, Stone Mill pale ale from Green Valley Brewing. This beer would probably help alcoholics to recover by turning them off of drinking. It is dark beer, tastes like flat slightly empty Guinness as if an important beer-making step was skipped. So, it didn't exactly make me crave another. I used some of it to deglaze a pan on which I had just finished making a steak and sliced portabello mushrooms. The result was a smoky and dark background, so the plan for the rest of the six-pack is to play around using them in cooking or marinades.

Since I like to balance out bad reviews with good ones- Loreal True Match super-blendable powder is awesome! It helps to know which foundation you wear when choosing the color, I didn't, so I found a mirror at Target (surprisingly difficult in the make-up section) and just looked at a couple against my face. This powder is better then my Lancome dual-finish powder foundation that cost three times as much!It does everything the name indicates; matches the color to your skin perfectly, canceling out redness and softening brown spots. The finely milled power feels silky on the skin, not rough or harsh. One nit-pick; the mirror and puff are on the opposite side on the compact as the powder, so the design could have been better. Later today, off to get a haircut, wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eddie the engineer is interested in my shoe collection, so I found a couple of pictures to put up here. As you can see, these are not this summer's shoes. New styles sure would be a wonderful thing to have in my closet, but I confess that even though I have purchased four pairs of shoe in the past two weeks, they have all been variations on the flip-flop. Two have the stacked heel, one is brown the other black, and a pale tan pair is more of a sandal with a little wedge that I love, and a pair of completely flat orange one just for fun.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Coughing fetish? If such a thing exists then I am your girl- this week for sure. At least I can talk and it mostly sounds like a human. I have discovered that steroids make you beautiful, and here I was worried about sprouting a beard. It seems that most of my beauty issues are allergy related and a wonderful side effect of the steroids prescribed is that they made me impervious to allergens, for now. So, I wake up with clear, bright eyes, no puffiness, no skin redness or itching, if taking these was safe for the long haul I would sign up! Since that isn't an option I have my allergen arsenal at the ready for when I'm tapered off the roids and everything starts bothering again.
During my first call this week I had a horrendous coughing fit and had to hang up- please forgive me! That is such a bummer, sounded like such an interesting guy too- I am a sucker for a deep sexy voice. So I plan to be available for calls during the day as much as possible, signing off during the coughing fits of course unless you let me know that is something you want to listen too; med students maybe?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lost my voice!!! This is not good, it started with just flu-like feelings and now, 2 days later, my voice is gone. If I push it squeaky dolphin noises come out. The week had been going so well, making some new friends to chat with and keeping busy, as well as trying out a yoga class for the first time in years and now everything comes to a grinding halt. Tim, if you are reading this, I will be available to talk as soon as I can. Thanks Jack, I hope you enjoy the pictures you bought yesterday. Katrina, chatting with you had been totally interesting, good luck with the job hunt- I'll think of you when I'm in Sephora later today, a girl can never have enough mascara, right? Hopefully Lancome has a gift with purchase in honor of Mother's Day coming up- love their mascara. Plan for the day- get brows waxed, cat supplies at Walmart (yes, they are the devil I know)and hit the big mall for some R&R. Oh, and write three chapters...