Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have discovered a failproof way to get people to call me- simply go out to very noisy places and forget to change my call status to, unavailable. Sorry!! On Thursday I was invited to go out to Buckhead with a bunch of friends and aquaintences Friday evening. Well, my hair had grown so long that it was bothering my back and best in a ponytail most of the time, so I decided to get a cut and blow-out. Luckily I did this before my sytlist had to go out of town to work on some of the girls in the Miss Florida pageant. So, if you were wondering why my hair leans toward big and long rather then edgy and modern, there you go. Annd, since I was paying someone to groom me, why stop there right? Next stop, pedicure and eyebrow shaping.

Basically the excuse for leaving my 'call me' on is self-absorption. I was not alone however, and the night was a reminder that just because a beer is $8.75 does not mean that the club will be comfortable. It should dammit, I want a place to sit, good scenery, and an attendent in the Ladies Room. The tiring evening did make me enjoy my night tonight hanging out with a friend at home watching "The Fantastic Four" while eating home-made pizza that much more. I do like clubbing and going out to eat, but twice a week is enough for me.

Were you curious about this week's toe color? Hot barbie pink.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is this phone working? Come on now, I'm wide awake and need someone to chat with. It must be the dog days of summer, I haven't even felt like going shopping lately. Hmm, doesn't feel like the flu but it must be something. In computer news, I discovered why my flashy bar thing sometimes suddenly jumps back into a previously written sentence, it happens when my thumb grazes the mousepad on my laptop. Must find some way to disable that, until then I am typing with my thumbs up like a variation of drinking the tea with the pinky extended. Not too comfy, that. There must be some good things about the long hot summer but I can't come up with any right now. Oh well, time to plan a winter vacation. With the fourth of july coming up, my picture pack is very appropriate, go to my listing on Keen to get a set for yourself. Low-cut tight red cami, white shrug tied suggestively under my bust, and super short denim mini. Can't get much more American than that!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thank-you! For making my birthday so wonderful, I am enjoying all of the gifts received so far! If you somehow forgot, it isn't too late to send me an amazon gift certificate or tip me via Keen. I took lots of new pictures today, wearing some of the new jewelry- a woman can never have to much! Estate jewelry has always been where my interest lies, even more now that I am aware of the corruption involved in mining for stones. The workmanship really cannot be equalled at all anymore and especially for the price.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

HA! Why didn't anyone tell me that the age on my profile is 250?? That is so funny that now I am going with it- my birthday is this month (the big 251) so when you want to flip me a gift certificate fell free to do it thru Amazon, it is confidential so you won't be lucky enough to have me show up at your front door in a polka-dot halter summer dress and white high heels. I told one of my friends today that he gets one wish per day- and it is being fulfilled right now. Just wait until tomorrow morning bwahaha.....

Saw "Bug" last weekend too. This movie didn't suck, but it was really unenjoyable to watch in spite of quite good acting, male nudity, and fair dialog. Unless you are super patient and into observing the growth of crazy, wait for a night when nothing else is on cable. Personally, when I want to observe mentally ill people I can just drive to the nearest bus-stop or hit a tavern on the first of the month. Insensitive much?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Good morning! I have lots of fun errands to do today (Department of Motor Vehicles anyone?) so I won't be around til later. Looks like a certain someone found his motivation again, I was wondering about that. Eat some lunch today why don't you- a nice turkey sandwich will help you fit in those silky slips nicely.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Scroll down if your name begins with an M. Good morning! I had lots of fun yesterday chatting with new friends and I had two dates yesterday also-hee. A nice luch date at a fairly new place not far from me with yummy food and fair service. My coffee cup needs to stay full! The service will probably get better, it is the kind of place that hires servers based mostly on looks from what I can tell. Common practice in urban areas, I don't get it- as long as my server appears clean I could care less how they look (ok, cute flirtatious male servers are a plus but that combo is rare).
Later on I went to see a band that was quite good. Cover band too, and fearless in the songs chosen- mostly classic hard rock songs that usually sound like crap when covered but in this case were surprisingly cool. I looked great also! Amazingly I found a shirt that expanded flatteringly across my bust- no pulling of the buttons, and slims closely under the bust and around my waist so you can see my shape rather then billowing fabric, and is long enough to cover the waistband of low-rise jeans. I want ten more in all different colors yet fear it was a fluke in the factory. At least I found this one :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Whoa! Watched "Dogville" last night with a friend who said, "This is the weirdest movie I've ever seen." That's saying a lot considering he's watched enough movies with me that he is now unfazed by subtitles and indie film strangeness. I am shallow I guess, because I was quite glad to see Grace do what she did at the end, especially as I have seen movies by Lars Von Trier before and in those films the belaugered heroine usually dies.If you haven't, be warned that his films are not conducive to the date getting any hotter. Yeah, I realize that enjoying her burst of violence means that I am just as moralless (I made up that word!) as the creepy citizens of Dogville. Eek, floating flashing bar thing keeps making me put letters in the middle of already written sentences. Must figure out how to prevent that.